From the Desk of the Headmaster – 14 April 2021

We are now down to single figures which means that there are actually 7 school days left until the final day of the term on Friday 23 April.
The final round of the SGB elections takes place tomorrow evening Thursday 15 April at 18h00.  These elections will take place tomorrow so your attendance is greatly appreciated in respect of the important elections for the School Governing Body.

Please remember that:

  • For South Africans – a South African Identity document or Identity Card or a valid passport. 
  • For non-South Africans citizens – a valid Passport with proof of temporary or permanent residence.

These are the only valid documents to be presented on arrival at registration.  You are thus requested to please arrive from 17h45 so that this process does not delay the start of the meeting.


  • The staff are presently finalizing their end of term assessments and preparing the academic report for your son providing his overall progress, development and achievements.  These reports are handed out on the final day of the term.
  • The extra mural programme is still in full swing with a wide variety of activities available for the boys to enjoy throughout the term.
  • This week sees the hosting of the online Teacher/Parent meetings in the Grade R and Junior Primary Sections.  Thank you for your attendance and support in these important sharing and feedback opportunities that have been set up.
  • Class and Individual photographs will take place on Tuesday 20 April. These photographs celebrate this special memory of his teacher, classmates and in his individual capacity for this academic year of 2021.  These photographs will always be cherished in years to come.
  • We will also celebrate the “Top 10 Academic Achievers” Assembly where the boys in the respective Senior Primary grades will be honoured for their academic achievements.  We will also award the Beanland Cup Trophy to the overall top house in the academic rankings for the first term.
  • Please can we still attend to the levels of excellence in appearance that we as the Prep community all believe in ie. – polished shoes, garters, school cap, neat uniform.  Always be reminded that although we are so close to the holidays a neat presentation of hairstyle is still of paramount importance – even a trim now is essential.
  • The second term brings the start of our standard winter uniform which means that blazers will now be worn for the second and third term.  Please make sure that your son is in possession of a blazer that fits properly for this daily wearing during these terms ahead.
  • Thank you to our many parents who are ensuring that their son is at school on time in the morning.  I emphasize this as we move into the “winter season” with sunrise now later which can delay our early morning ‘rise and shine’ preparations for school.
  • I remind all DPHS partners, especially our boys, that the holidays only begin next Friday and not a day before.  The expected focus in application, involvement and behaviour from the boys throughout each section of Prep must remain a top priority.

To our Muslim families wishing you Ramadaan Mubarak and good wishes also to our Hindu families for the Hindu New Year 2021.

Congratulations to the following boys:
JP      –        Yusuf Yacoob – Grade 2 Martin
SP      –        Taylor Ludlow – Grade 4 Richards

Headmasters quote for the week
“Remember – kindness is free”

Kind regards

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