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Midway through October already with the third week of this final quarter almost over.  We now have also entered into the thirties with only 35 school days left to enjoy in this 2019 academic year.  Please remember that break-up day is Wednesday 4 December and not before this set date.
It is always so encouraging to note a 0/1 or 2 at most on the learner’s report when referring to the number of days that the child has been absent for the term.  It is even better when these low numbers relate to the numbers of days absent for the entire year.  With this statement made, I now call on all families to ensure that their child attends the academic day and the extra mural activities on a daily basis.  This is an important stage of the year where final assessments and preparation is taking place before the fourth term and overall year marks are calculated for progression.  By no means am I encouraging you to send your son to school if you feel he is unwell to attend but I do call on you as parents to be firm in your monitoring of your child to be present.  It is also not recommended for you to force your child if he really is not fit for the school day ie he cannot arrive at 7h30 and for us to then be phoning parents to collect their son an hour later.  Please refrain from removing your child from his school commitments eg an extra day/s off to have a ‘longer’ weekend or to be excused from his after school commitments due to birthday or other general requests.  We call for all hands on deck so that our Prep partners can give of their utmost attention to the various responsibilities throughout each activity every day.
Thank you to the many families throughout the school who make the determined effort to ensure that their son arrives at school well before the first bell rings.  The boys should not be rushing to start their academic day with regards to the journey from home or when on arrival at school, having to be ‘bundled’ out of the car, without time for a meaningful farewell and loving send off.  The child cannot arrive stressed at the classroom door, sometimes well after the bell has sounded for period one to commence and then be expected to immediately settle and be focussed for the presentation of the lesson – especially if the ‘departure’ has been a heated argument with family members leaving each other in anger or negative mood.  This may sound trivial to some but it is proven and obviously noted how a calm and orderly beginning to the day sets the tone for further success throughout the day.  It is also strongly recommended that our boys sit down to a breakfast to ‘fuel’ the brain and body until lunch boxes are enjoyed during the breaks.  This ‘punctuality’ request is also important for the end of the school day or extra murals when your child is looking forward to you being present timeously to collect him.  It is concerning when some children are at school from 7h00 in the morning until 17h00 – that is a longer day than some business hours practised by adults yet these primary school children are simply expected to accept this and wait for collection.  Please treat this matter with sensitivity as it is also important for staff/coaches to be able to leave for their home after a lengthy day at school.
We as DPHS which includes every staff member, boy and parents pride ourselves on these ‘levels’ of excellence that are not the ‘little’ things but the ‘major’ points in our school ethos.  I hereby refer to aspects such as: respect for oneself as well as all partners that you interact with, respect for each person’s family, culture, race, religion and personal space; an environment where each person can happily focus in the classroom and general activities on offer without being unnecessarily  distracted or made to feel uncomfortable by any person/s; where the individual is not encouraged to make any wrong choices to gain recognition amongst his peers through negative actions, where foul language or expressions are not tolerated or part of our ‘vocabulary’ here.  We as DPHS can be extremely proud of our boys when we refer to any such aspects as expressed above but it just takes one or two to forget these values and it can spoil the day for others who are on the receiving end or those members who have to spend hours investigating and resolving matters which could have quite easily been avoided in the first place.  Please remind your son that this school cares for all – that is the well-being of each individual and that there is no ‘passport’ for any negative mind set or actions.  Thank you Prep, for ‘caring’ for your school and our DPHS family members each day – this ‘care’ in abundance far outweighs any slip-ups that may occur.
Thank you again to our families and staff who constantly support the monitoring of their child’s appearance for school.  This pride in appearance is instrumental as the spring-board to further pride practised in the layout of work, presentation of work, self-belief, commitment, perseverance etc.  It is thus important for our boys to be reminded about polished shoes, garters, haircuts, neat uniform or sports kit in striving to be that ‘Mr Prep’ everyday.  We as Prep will not compromise on these standards that we have been respected for throughout the 109 history of the school.
I really appreciate the constant efforts practised by our boys who politely greet each person, who raise their Prep cap with respect to acknowledging staff, parents, visitors and members of the opposition schools.  Yes, Prep teams are the first to line up in blazers (eg at cricket) to look the opposition in the eyes, with a firm handshake and proudly Prep call of “Thank you for the game.”  We must continue to be the leaders, as is noted in these life-skill values as believe me there are still many members in the public and school who admire these practises by our Prep boys, irrespective of whether we win or lose.  We constantly motivate our boys in this regard because these are the important common denominators that make it so successful when we focus on “developing our boys for life”.
Thank you and well done Prep!
Please remember that DPHS values the attendance and positive support for our school and all partners at all DPHS events, meetings and fixtures.  It is heart-warming to note the large attendance of Prep supporters for home and away fixtures who are there to cheer not only the individual but the team/coaches in their combined efforts.  I emphasize this aspect especially at this late stage of the year again so that we can remain proudly Prep supporters right through until the end, especially if your son is in Grade 7 and is representing his beloved school in these remaining fixtures of his school career.  I look forward to seeing you in support of Prep – thank you!
I ask the boys at the assemblies to please remind their parents to share the contents of the weekly ‘Patter’ with them so that they too are well informed of the information and results shared.  A lot of effort and thought is given to the preparing and presenting of this information each week so please make every effort to read the Patter and share such news.  I hereby enclose a spot-check incentive with a ‘reward’ for your son.
If you have read the Patter and hopefully have shared the Patter with your son then I now call on you to:

  • Tell him (no matter what grade he is in) to visit me at my office during the school day as sent by you on my invitation.
  • Please send him to relay the following words “Proudly Prep” on his arrival at the office which will prove to me that his family have read this Prep Patter.
  • These two words will automatically entitle him to receive a ‘reward’ from me in acknowledgement for supporting the Prep Patter.
  • NB – tell him this is a secret so not to share with those who may not have read this message.

I really look forward to those excited Prep boys at my door ready to express the ‘secret code’ words.  Let us have some fun with regards to motivating our Prep Patter and sharing its valuable information each week.
My heart is bursting with pride at the achievements of our boys last night who performed musical items at the respective JP and SP concerts.  The DPHS individual items are rapidly growing as well as my dream of seeing a DPHS orchestra in action which is now becoming a reality, including a variety of instruments combining to be a ‘Proudly Prep’ team effort.  Thank you to our Director of Music Mrs Briscoe, our music tutors, our parents and especially our musicians for your commitment to your progress and overall development in the music programme on offer now at Prep.  I am sure that those in attendance can endorse with loud applause again that our boys and music coaches need to take another well deserved bow.  Bravo!

Miss school at this stage of the year. Attend school on a daily basis.
Go on ‘holiday’ before school closes. Start their ‘holidays’ after break-up day : 4 December.
Lose focus during the academic programme this term. Give their academic responsibilities their best attention this term.
Let their team down by not attending practices. Commit to all their team practices.
‘Weaken’ in their general efforts and attitude. Become even more positive in their overall involvement at school.

JP      –        Benjamin Joseph              –         Grade 2 Mu
SP      –        Owami Maduna                 –         Grade 5 Th

“Give out what you want most to come back”


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