From the Desk of the Headmaster – 12 May 2021

Time is flying by with us already enjoying the second week back at school which now means that we are halfway through the month of May, leaving 41 school days for this quarter.  Please be reminded that school closes on Friday 9 July for the end of Term 2.


There is that Prep buzz around the school as the boys can now represent their school in inter-school fixtures that are allowed to take place under clear health and safety protocols.  Our tennis teams were in action on Monday against Ashton, Clifton, Curro Mt Richmore, Chelsea and Westridge with our rugby teams taking to the field in home fixtures against Glenwood Prep in the U9 age group with the U10, U11 and U13 teams hosting Umhlali.

There was also major excitement last Saturday with our Grade 2 Mini Rugby programme kicking off with this weekend bringing our Grade 1 boys to their first Saturday skills session.  Our Grade R boys have also been out enjoying their “ball skills” session as part of their day.

We are well aware of how you as families are desperately wanting to be here to enjoy these programmes but please note that the call of “no spectators” is law across the country which we must adhere to.  Plans have been put in place to livestream all the rugby games played on Friday.  A timetable structure has to be followed for both visitors and the hosts whereby once the respective game has been played, those children are to leave shortly thereafter.  There will unfortunately be no boys staying on to support the teams through the afternoon so that numbers are carefully monitored during the entire afternoon whilst on the premises.

As much as this may be frustrating for family members I need to remind you that we are still experiencing a Covid pandemic.  Let us rather positively join in the ‘excitement’ by appreciating that at least the boys are playing fixtures and enjoying the opportunity to represent their school.  This is a huge gain in comparison to 2020 where no such interaction could take place, heart breaking for so many, especially our senior boys who were in their final year and could not play.

Tonight we also allow our boys throughout the school to display their musical talents and development since the beginning of the year.  This ‘Music Progress’ Concert will also be restricted in allowing an audience to attend like in previous occasions – at least the boys are showcasing their talents through this ‘concert’ format.

We also look forward to our Speech and Drama Festival with the adjudication starting this coming Monday 17 May.  The Festival will run through until the end of this month with boys in grades throughout the school presenting their Speech and Drama items.  This is such a worthwhile lifeskills experience for our boys where they can confidently express themselves and their skills to the professional adjudicators.

You can also respect just how talented our young Prep boys are by reading through the above information which clearly indicates opportunities across sectors in the extra mural activities that so many boys are enjoying – exciting times for our boys, staff, coaches and our DPHS community!


I remind you that this second quarter is an important academic term for all grades.  Our boys will follow a structured academic programme with continuous application assessment tasks in place as well as a standardized testing period for the senior grades.

The staff will also be preparing in-depth reports for the mid-year assessment feedback which again emphasises the academic importance for the term.

The Senior Primary phase will also be holding their Parent Interviews from 24th May to the 28th May of this month.  Please make every effort to book an appointment with the staff member so that thorough, constructive guidelines and feedback can be shared and implemented to support your son’s preparation, relating to all of his academic responsibilities.

Regular parent and son meetings held at home are of vital importance where he is constantly reminded of what was shared with him after you received his first term report.  Please continue to monitor his daily homework tasks by checking and signing the “Homework Book.”  There cannot be a sudden panic or last minute reaction to focusing on academic needs when the testing programme is upon him.  The grade leaders and staff have already sent a break-down of the testing timetable and content areas to focus on for the respective subjects so immediate planning can begin.  This is the term where attention to academics is extremely important even though each boy is still encouraged to be actively involved in his extra mural activities


  • Thank you to our many parents who respect the traffic laws by not double parking and parking on the corners.  However, there are still those few parents who do so at times at the inconvenience of their fellow Prep community.  May I also firmly request that family members do not do a U Turn across any of our roads around the school at any time of the day.  This is extremely dangerous for our boys and families and your full co-operation is expected in this regard.  Please  …. no U Turn!
  • I call on you to check on your son’s face mask that he is wearing.  Some masks are now old and have stretched elastic which no longer holds the mask firmly in position.  Please instruct him to ensure that he wears his mask to cover both his nose and mouth – the mask is not a scarf.  Please replace the mask for his and our protection relating to health and safety standards.
  • Blanket Drive – A letter was sent to invite you as the DPHS community to donate a blanket to support the Kolisi Foundation with their Nationwide Blanket Drive.  Please ensure that your voluntary donation is sent with your son to school tomorrow Thursday 13 May as these will be handed over at Friday’s Assembly.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Shrivar Chetty       –        Grade 3 Logan

SP      –        Liam Wilson           –        Grade 7 A/Davis


“Let today be the start of something exciting and new”

Kind regards


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