From the Desk of the Headmaster – 12 August 2020

It was so encouraging to see the smiles on the faces of staff, boys and parents on arrival at school yesterday and today after the two week break period.  I really do hope that each person was given an opportunity to relax, rest and re-charge to now focus on the school programme that lies ahead.  There has been a positive response across all grades with regards to the boys returning to school with some boys now leaving the online support programme in favour of attending school.  Once again, I state that we will welcome any boy back when you as the parents are comfortable to make that decision for your son to return permanently to our alternating day programme.

If you are still following our DPHS Online Home Support Programme then, as stated in our letter circular 22 sent on 4 August 2020, you are required to complete the Department of Education Forms Annexure E1 and E2.  These forms can be found on the D6.  If you have not completed these forms as yet, then please do so now and return these same forms urgently to his class educator for registering purposes.
Thank you to those families who have already followed this request and returned already.
Your continued support as a family with regards to your son returning to school or following our Online Home Support Programme is so greatly appreciated.


Please note that this form, Circular 19, was sent out on the D6 on 22 July requesting that parents complete this form.  There are two important sections namely:
Section A      –        Personal contact details
Section B      –        Family health status – reminders
It is extremely important that both sections are acknowledged as this information is priority during this pandemic period.
I thus call on all DPHS families to complete the form as indicated and return it to your class educator urgently so this information can be registered as well as filed in case of need.  Thank you to those families who have already returned the form.


The majority of our boys have made the necessary effort to give their dress code the expected attention in maintaining our DPHS levels of excellence.  It is so encouraging to note that our boys are dressing correctly for the respective dress code days which includes the wearing of the cloth mask, garters and polishing of their school shoes.  Please remember that a haircut of DPHS standards ie. short back and sides with no mop of hair on top of the head is to be respected.  Most of our boys have continued to ensure that they have had such a haircut however there are those few boys who also need to follow this majority example.
We as a school have been understanding that these standards need to be adjusted during this pandemic.  It is now possible to have a haircut at facilities across the city or even at home as some boys have indicated. Please ensure that if your son requires a haircut that he has this attended to as soon as possible.
Your support is greatly appreciated.


The combined efforts of staff, boys and parents in the morning and afternoon at the respective gates has resulted in an organized and streamline system.  Well done to everyone involved.  However, I do need to remind those few latecomers to please be punctual for the start of the school day (no later than 7h25) as staff also need to move from their duty positions, back to their areas of responsibility.  This same request applies for the collection of your son after his school day.  Let us all continue to strive for a calm start/end to each day with no last minute rushing to or from school.  Well done again to the vast majority of families for your punctuality and constant support in this regard.


“Do not forget small kindnesses and do not remember small faults”

Kind regards
Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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