From the Desk of the Headmaster – 11 November 2020

We have now moved down into the mid-twenties which actually relates to 24 school days to enjoy for the remainder of this academic year.  Time is flying past with still many daily tasks and activities to focus on for all our grades across the school.


We held an assembly today conducted by members of Grade 7 Bedford to pay tribute to our Old Boys and family members who have lost their lives in the line of duty since the end of the First World War.  There are many DPHS Old Boys that our families will remember who served their country with honour especially one of our DPHS Old Boys Major Edwin Swales as Master Bomber who was awarded the Victoria Cross.  Thank you to Mr Bedford for co-ordinating the Assembly and those staff members who assisted.

Remembrance Day has been respected here at Prep each year in recognition for those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we who live the present, can lead the life that we enjoy today.

May we as the DPHS Community also reflect on this day through the “soldier’s prayer’ that states     

               “And when you go home tell them of us and say

                 for your tomorrow we gave our today

                 Our gift was great but you must now give a greater gift

                 We died.  Now you must nobly live

                 To complete the plan

                 and make man brother unto man”

We all may fondly remember our own family members through their service that they too may have provided.

I conclude by quoting the Remembrance Prayer:

               “They shall not grow old

               As we that are left grow old

               Age shall not weary them

               Nor the years condemn them

               At the going down of the sun

               And in the morning

               We shall remember them  

This is the same prayer that I shared at this morning’s assembly where I had the honour on behalf of our school, to lay our DPHS wreath at the Memorial Plaque at the front entrance to Maurice Wilkinson Hall.

DPHS will remember ……………..!


It is so encouraging to share the following arrangements relating to our extremely important ‘Prep Pals’ programme that our staff and boys so thoroughly enjoy.  It has obviously been a challenge for these monthly meetings to have taken place during this year but Prep has still made it happen for our boys with an amended programme.

Friday 13 November – 7h30:  Meeting with Grade 7 leader and JP Pals only.
NB – House Dress Day for the whole school.

Monday 23 November – 7h30:  Meeting with Grade 7 leader and SP Pals only
NB – House Dress Day for the whole school.

Tuesday 8 December – Full final Prep Pal Meeting for all grades
House Dress Day for the whole school.

It is at these meetings where the ‘Prep brotherhood’ is so clearly expressed amongst the respective families of Prep boys with each family proudly led by a Grade 7 Lighthouse Leader.  These three meetings will now enable our boys to cherish these friendships created especially for the seniors who serve as ‘big brother’ for our younger boys across the grades.


DPHS will be hosting our annual Speech Day/Prize Giving on Thursday 3 December at 11h30.  There will be adjustments made to the event so that the Covid Protocols can be respected in the number of persons allowed to attend such a meeting.
We have thus decided that the day will be for the Grade 7 parents and their son as this will be the finale to their academic year and Prep journey.  This means that our prize winners in the lower grades will not be in attendance but they will be acknowledged at the various academic grade assemblies.  We will also have to cut back on our invited guests list so that social distancing can be adhered to.
However we are determined to provide this most important memory in celebrating our boys achievements on this day which is a highlight on our school calendar.  The programme will be amended however the intention is to still honour as many of the categories and prizes where possible.  Further information regarding this Speech Day and the respective grade academic acknowledgements have been finalized.  The school will close at 10h30.


Please be reminded that all our boys are following a continuous assessment programme at this stage of the year with our Grade 6 and Grade 7 boys sitting down to their standardized testing programme which starts next week on Monday 16 November.  It is thus important that all our boys ensure that their homework tasks/projects are completed to the best of their ability on a daily basis.  Preparing for the various tests is also of paramount importance so that each boy can conclude the year by achieving results of the highest standards.  Please monitor the academic programme of your son by ensuring that he is well prepared for any academic responsibility that lies ahead.  Those final reports will soon be sent home where it is hoped that there will be much celebration rather than any academic disappointment.  Make it happen Prep!


Best wishes to all our Junior and Senior boys who will be representing their House this Saturday at Westridge Tennis Courts in our DPHS Inter House Competition.  We do hope that many of our parents will be there to support their sons in action and our Tennis Co-Ordinator Mrs Smith and our Tennis Coaches.  I look forward to seeing all 4 houses in true Prep spirit!



JP – Colten Bedford – Grade 1 May
SP – Uwais Yacoob – Grade 4 Johnston

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”

Kind regards
Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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