From the Desk of the Headmaster – 11 March 2020

Single figures now as we count down to 7 school days left to go until break-up day next Friday.  There is still a week full of events and activities to focus on and enjoy.


There are seven staff members travelling to Bloemfontein to attend the International Boys School Conference that is being hosted at St Andrews.  This conference always provides international speakers of the highest standards covering topics relevant to best practices in education in leading schools around the world.  I say it proudly that is why our school and staff members attend annually so that they too can also share their professional input with colleagues in attendance.  The feedback session by our staff on return is always so greatly appreciated so that we as a school can continue to provide our levels of excellence for all partners in our ‘DPHS family’.
Enjoy your experience staff!

I hereby include the letter that was placed on our D6 yesterday relating to our pro-active plans as DPHS at present:
“Dear Parents
I again write to you to give you further feedback relating to the Coronavirus and our pro-active steps in monitoring the situation.  We have had a staff meeting yesterday relating to these points and input listed below.

  • Our staff are also wiping down handrails and railings during the day especially in ‘high traffic’ areas around the school.
  • There is liquid soap in each of the toilets throughout the school.
  • Each classroom/teaching area will also have box of tissues initially in place for our boys to use sparingly.
  • Hand sanitizers have been purchased and are now available in each classroom.
  • Our iPads/computer keyboards etc. are also being wiped down after usage by the boys/staff.
  • Posters will be displayed around the school reminding our boys of these hygiene matters.

 Please note that we understand that every family will have their own viewpoint, opinion and family and cultural values relating to how to deal with this outbreak, as well as to which items, such as sanitizers, may be used.  This will be fully respected.  So I hereby also call on our DPHS community to also assist our initiatives in the following way as indicated below.

  • Please send your son with his personal items for his own use along the lines of his “toiletry bag” made up of items that you feel comfortable for him to use.
  • This may include a packet of anti-bacterial wipes, non-alcohol hand sanitizers, a bar of soap etc.  I am not going to prescribe all such items but do strongly encourage that each boy brings his ‘bag’ to support his needs especially as this monitoring may be on-going for some time.
  • To have family chats where information is shared relating to hygiene and prevention methods that are being advertised and shared across the media.
  • To please inform me immediately if any family member should test positively to this COVID-19 virus.  It is our collective responsibility to be focussing on our immediate family and general school community’s well-being and health for now and in going forward.
  • Families may be travelling locally and even internationally in the coming holidays so I encourage that all health checks and necessary monitoring will be in place during and after the holiday.

Please receive the information shared throughout this letter in the positive manner that it has been formulated and expressed.  These initiatives and feedback is sent to inform our families of the school’s genuine intent to be pro-active in dealing with these matters as we are now receiving daily monitoring in our own country, province and city.
Rest assured that DPHS will maintain our focus with our plans and that you will be informed on a regular basis to our continued feedback relating to this Coronavirus monitoring.
Thank you for your understanding.”

It has been encouraging to note that many of our Junior Primary parents have taken the opportunity to meet with their respective educators this week regarding their son’s academic and overall development so far this year.  This serves as further support to the academic report that will be sent home next Friday.  Please remember to sit your son down even if he is in Grade 1/2 or 3 and share with him the information that you shared during your meeting.  It is so important that he hears the praise, compliments or constructive advice provided so that he is aware that all partners are there to support his academic progress and general development on a daily basis.  Please honour and practise any strategies or guidance given so that our boys can reap the rewards from the combined input of the professional educator and parent.  Thank you for attending.

I remind you that we are in the process of finalising results for term one with reports being written and prepared for sending home on break-up day.  On Thursday next week we will also announce the senior academic achievers at the 7h30 assembly.

  • ‘Top 10’ (in each class) assembly
  • Plus the 80% final aggregate recipients followed by the ‘Headmasters Tea’ for those achievers.

These reports take time to be prepared for your attention so please share these important academic documents with your child on the break-up day – ie. – before any holiday or other activities take preference over this academic appraisal.

Water Polo 1st Team at the King Shaka International Airport

I again take the opportunity to bring to your attention that our 1st team water polo squad returned from Grey Junior in Port Elizabeth on Saturday as the worthy champions of the tournament which hosted 12 top schools from around the country.  Our school played thirteen fixtures over the two and a half days with the credit of ending as the only unbeaten school in all these fixtures.  It was an extremely proud experience for the coaches/boys, parents and myself in attendance to be there to witness our team receive the trophy and their well-deserved medals by beating Rondebosch 9 – 5 in the finals.  The ‘Lighthouse’ spotlight must shine down brightly on our coach Mr May and assistant Mr Petterson for the outstanding service that has been provided, especially by Mr May as Coach, throughout the first term. 

DPHS has not lost to any local opposition so far and has now also produced these outstanding victories against these quality water polo teams in attendance.  Our school also brought the trophy home in 2018 and followed this honour up now two years later.  We are so proud of the combined efforts of Mr May, staff and parents in achieving this honour.  We can now look forward to the SACS tournament in Cape Town in the third term.  Keep working hard in preparation for this challenge that lies ahead.  Congratulations Prep!

2019 Chris Cubitt Assembly


I remind you that we will host this memorial assembly in the Media Quad at 7h30 next Wednesday.  It is here that we will pay our respects to those DPHS boys, as in Chris Cubitt, staff and Old boys as a tribute and celebration to their lives that each one lived as a proudly Prep partner.  You have received a letter (D6) informing you of the programme for this Assembly and for your family support in the cause of this special day that we as a school host annually.  You as parents are most welcome to be present to pay your personal respects at this memorial gathering as a school community.


Respond casually to our Coronavirus awareness drive. Respect the efforts and concerns of each individual relating to this virus.
Let their parents forget to share the information from the JP Meetings held recently. Insist that their parents give the feedback from the meetings.
Look for excuses when the report results reach home. Stand accountable for their academic efforts.
Forget to prepare for the Chris Cubitt Assembly. Understand and value the reason for celebrating the Chris Cubit Assembly each year.
Think the term is over now! Stay focussed until the last day of the academic term.


JP –    Luke Mutch   – Grade 2 Martin
SP –    Ndalo Kunene – Grade 4 Johnston

“Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.”


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