From the Desk of the Headmaster – 11 August 2021

Time is flying past – the long weekend has come and gone, we are already close to mid-way in August, the third week of the third term has begun which highlights that there are now only 36 school days left until break up day on Friday 1 October.


We are all living through challenging times of anxiety, pressures, unknowns, concerns and stressful moments.  Yet I personally feel that positive acknowledgements and appreciation do need to be expressed under such circumstances.  I would thus like to genuinely do so by mentioning some points below that as general as they may sound, are also truly respected and valued.  So a huge “thank you” for ……………..

  • ensuring that our boys attend school on a daily basis resulting in a low absentee count.
  • responding to the requests from the school in general or respective staff in their steering of phases, departments and classes.
  • honouring the payment of school fees by ensuring that these financial needs are timeously met.
  • working together around decisions that are made or that have to be followed for that positive outcome which may not always be understood at first.
  • the close working relationship that has been developed with the respective class teachers and staff throughout the school.
  • encouraging your son to remain enthusiastically involved in the academic and extra mural programmes.
  • making that necessary effort to be punctual when bringing your son to school or fetching him from school.
  • ensuring that our boys remain focussed on their general appearance for school on a daily basis.
  • driving our call of “Proudly Prep” in maintaining and improving on our levels of excellence.
  • that loyal and dedicated service that each staff member gives to our school.
  • the combined synergy of all partners in our DPHS engine room as in staff, parents, boys, old boys, service providers and friends of the school.
  • firmly believing in our beloved school Prep!
  • the role of ambassador that each one of us displays in the public arena of business and social gatherings.

Thank you Prep for ticking these points above – points that I feel that we need to at times just pause and reflect on.

We as the family of Prep do care, do commit and do believe in each other and our combined efforts.

May we during these challenging times, never lose sight of the amazing contribution and overall achievements that we as Prep still reach for with such positive outcomes.


Tuesday saw the return of our Olympic athlete namely Mr May who as we know had represented his country in the code of Water Polo at these recent Olympic Games in Tokyo.  He returned to a colourful display of green and gold as staff and boys displayed in their dress code for this day.  It was so impressive to see the creative design in posters, flags, banners, water polo cap designs, photos etc that transformed our school into a South African ‘Olympic Village.’  It really warmed Mr May’s heart when he walked through the school right down to the Grade R unit through the ‘tunnels’ of staff and boys.  Thunderous applause echoed across the school which clearly emphasized how proud each Prep partner is of Mr May and his achievements.  Thank you to Mrs Hunter for recording this event and creating an inspiring video of the ‘welcome back’ proceedings which captured the excitement and emotions experienced by all.

A Proudly Prep achievement!


I shared with the school on Friday, during our virtual assembly, about this charity organization that DPHS has supported over many years, with each year raising an amazing amount of money.  The boys were encouraged to make this year 2021 the year that we as the combined community dedicate ourselves in support of this worthy cause.  This organization are also feeling the hardships but must be respected for their dedication and commitment to feeding these babies.

Please encourage your boys to engage in household chores that you can sponsor instead of making a once-off financial donation.

The boys will grow from the experience themselves, by working for the cause so that they can honestly feel that they are providing meals for the babies in the Nutrition Project.

Feed the Babies Fund supports 150 crèches in townships, informal settlements and rural areas of Kwazulu Natal.  Nutritional cereal is supplied to each crèche to ensure that 3870 pre-school children receive a breakfast meal daily.

Come on boys get busy now in washing the car, the dog, the dishes or help to tidy the house, set the dinner table.

NB:  Please ensure that these tasks are kept well within your supervision for the safety of your son – no boy is expected to approach ‘strangers’ in asking for funds.

Durban Prep boys do care and do respond so positively at all times, so I have the utmost confidence that we will raise the highest amount possible in 2021.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Nate Stirton                     –        Grade 2 Martin

SP      –        Muhammad Seedat           –        Grade 4 Miloszewski


“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed”

Kind regards

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