From the Desk of the Headmaster – 10 September 2021

We are moving through a very cold weather countdown of academic days left to enjoy this term which now stands at 16 days.

You are again reminded that this third term officially closes on Friday 1 for both the staff and boys with the fourth and final term of 2021 beginning on Monday 11 October.


It is with much excitement that we can again announce this year that the Cultural Department will be staging “Durban Prep’s Got Talent 2.”  This is a follow on from the outstanding ‘DPGT No 1’ show hosted last year in 2020.  The Production Team of Mrs Briscoe, Mrs Vosloo and Mrs Harker have guided the cast through the script, auditioning and rehearsals.  The final filming will be done by a professional company here at school on Sunday 19 September during the entire day.  This whole process of planning, rehearsals and final presentation has all been designed around following the standard health and safety protocols which is an amazing achievement.  Our school has always looked forward to hosting these cultural events such as class assemblies, special assemblies, house plays, concerts so DPGT No 2 has again received much support and interest.  We wish all Prep partners involved great success and enjoyment in these final stages as we look forward to yet another Proudly Prep extravaganza.


I have already shared with you the wide variety of activities available for our boys to participate in after school on a daily basis.  It is so rewarding to note that our boys will now get the opportunity to play some inter-school hockey fixtures that are planned during the remainder of the term.  The first round of fixtures actually begins this Friday 10 September with our teams in action against Clifton at the Riverside Astroturf.  May the hard work and combined efforts of the coaches and boys noted in this short period of time lead to a most successful afternoon for our school.  Go Prep!


I would like to place the spotlight on our wonderful Reception Unit this week so that they too can be recognised for their most valuable contribution that this Unit also presents on a daily basis.  When one visits the Unit it is heart-warming to note the productive learning experiences taking place in all of the teaching spaces and outside activity programmes.  Our boys are clearly focussed on thoroughly enjoying the exciting challenges that each day brings for them at school which extends to their ‘specialist’ lessons with staff from the main school, their PE, ball skills and private Garvz, tennis and swimming programme.  Special mention must also be made of our leader in Mrs Phipson and the synergy so clearly evident amongst all her staff members from class educators, teachers assistances, administration and general assistant staff, security and general maintenance members.  The Unit is also blessed to have the professional expertise and support of our DPHS Academics/Learning Support Centre.  It also leads me to pay our respects to our loyal parents in our Reception Unit – your constant support and backing given to our Reception Unit is so well received by our school and especially the Reception Unit team.  Please continue to wave the flag at the highest level here at school and in the social arenas outside our school as we all know how rightfully proud we can all be of this amazing foundation level.

As we say in our call “From small beginnings better fortune follows” a call that proves so true when referring to our Reception Unit.  Our boys who have travelled a journey through Prep having planted their roots in this Unit will definitely vouch for these honest sentiments.  Congratulations Reception Unit – we are so proud of you!


It is again so encouraging to report that we have been able to continue a healthy and safe environment here at school with a latest recording this week from Grade R through to Grade 7 of 0 (zero) positive cases for Prep boys and only 4 Prep boys having to be in isolation due to being a close contact to a family member or another person who has tested positive.  Once again I personally applaud the combined efforts of staff, parents and boys in the immediate sharing and communicating of any cases.  This has ensured that any such cases can receive the immediate and necessary attention relating to our Covid protocols.  Please remember that the DPHS Covid Protocols (guidelines) were emailed to each family on Friday 27 August so please refer to this documentation.  The Timeline form is to be used for any Prep boy positive/isolation cases.  The section on the right hand side page can also be used to show the ‘quarantine’ timeline for the boy to follow.  This form must be sent immediately to the class teacher who also has this form available to send to you if need be.  We, as the teacher and I, with the parent will confirm return dates etc. once this form is returned.  Well done and thank you Prep!


It is going to be a very exciting weekend for our province as we gear up to support our “Sharks” in the Carling Currie Cup final to be played in Pretoria against the Bulls.

In order to show our cheering on of the Sharks and Coach Sean Everitt (who is an ex DPHS staff member) we as Prep will use this Friday to celebrate by having a ‘Sharks kit’ day ie. – we encourage our staff and boys and you as parents to proudly display your ‘black and white’ Sharks colours.

Dress code for boys on Friday:    

  • predominantly white running shoes
  • short white tennis socks
  • A Sharks jersey/T shirt (if your son has one – no need to purchase one)

or any black/white shirt (no vest)

NB – Blazer and DPHS School Cap to be worn over this Sharks Kit.

Come on Prep – let us turn our ‘school’ into the “Shark Tank” and create that supporter energy to motivate the Sharks to victory.

Go Sharks – Bring the cap home!


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Elijah Bell                       –        Grade 3 Vawda

SP      –        Mohammad Aboobaker     –        Grade 6 Armstrong


“Perseverance is not a long race,

 it is many short races one after the other”

Kind regards


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