From the Desk of the Headmaster – 10 March 2021

We now move down into the ‘twenties’ meaning there are 29 academic days left to enjoy until the last day of this first quarter ie. Friday 23 April.  Our year has really got off to an amazing beginning so let us build now on this positive start.


Each family from Grade 1 – Grade 7 was sent a letter relating to our elections that are to take place on Thursday 8 April.  I remind you that if we do not reach the quorum of parents needed at this first meeting then the Electoral Officer will adjourn the elections until the following Thursday 15 April where the elections will automatically proceed.  I thus call on you to diarize both these dates and thus support your school on the field at this important meeting.  Please note that the elections will be held outside where we will set up to formally host the elections thus respecting social distancing and health protocols.
The good intention is to thus cater for our parents to attend so that we as a school can proudly announce that the Prep community were successful in reaching the quorum at the first meeting.  Your support will thus be greatly appreciated on 8 April.


You were sent a letter reminding you of our beloved staff member Mr Mbongeni Zulu who suddenly passed during the December holiday period.  The letter clearly explains the loyal and dedicated service that Mr Zulu gave to his school Prep.  I thus call on the DPHS community to consider the request for any financial contribution that you would be willing to make which will go into the general fund.  Please note, as stated in the letter, that this call is purely voluntary for families who wish to do so.  Families will be able to express their appreciation for Mr Zulu and his family by sending in the “cash envelope” or using the EFT format.  Our collective amount will then be handed over to a representative of Mr Zulu’s family at our Memorial Assembly hosted this year on Wednesday 31 March namely on our “Chris Cubitt Day”.


The interaction and co-operation of all Prep partners in producing this overall successful functionality as a school is loudly applauded.  Thank you to all proudly Prep partners for ensuring that each day is running smoothly providing experiences for all members to grow and benefit from under our DPHS banner.  This teamwork and positivity is noticed in the corridors, classrooms, departments and in the extra-mural programmes.  It is so encouraging to hear our boys cheering on their team mates in our DPL (Durban Prep Cricket League) for all Senior Primary age groups held over the week/s – the boys are so proud to be identified with their coloured DPL cap specially designed for our internal league.  Our clubs and cultural activities programme is also in full swing with our boys dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and attending the many clubs on offer for all grades on a daily basis.  This includes the early morning activities that are being well attended here at school or at various venues.
Our DPL format is also operational in the code of Water Polo with our ‘franchise’ teams in action each week in their league structure.
Congratulations Prep – thank you to all partners involved as staff, coaches, boys as well as our parents for encouraging and assisting our Prep boys to be so actively involved.  DPHS has again united to make it happen at the levels of excellence that we are all so proud of – especially with creative planning, thinking and teamwork.


Last week I addressed the issues of ‘greetings’ by a DPHS partner with focus on our boys and the raising of the Prep cap for a formal and polite “Good morning/Good afternoon.”  It is so rewarding to note that our Prep boys in the majority have remembered this DPHS core value right down into the Grade R section and thus proudly practise their manners as a true DPHS gentleman.  Thank you to the staff and parents who constantly lead by example and thus ensure that their class/son greet politely in the DPHS manner.  I clearly notice this when meeting the families on the pavement before school each day and when visiting the grades across the school – it is so good for the soul! 
I would like to highlight the stance now of zero tolerance to ‘litter’ – a message that all of us need to constantly believe in.  It is so disappointing to note how society in general has weakened in this factor of respecting the environment and surroundings at all times.  I struggle to understand how a member in society can enjoy using an item to then simply throw it out/down into general spaces and areas that get used by many more people.  This mindset of not caring about others around you, especially under these Covid times or expecting others to clean up after you can become quite frustrating.  Our children in this modern world seem to be focussed on visual learning so it is scary to think that when they see general public throwing down litter in parks, beaches, pavements, oceans etc. that this is the acceptable norm.
Let me clearly state that this practise is not acceptable here at DPHS.  I am sure that you will have noticed our blue badge signs around our school fences reminding the public to keep our school perimeters and neighbourhood clean.  Our message seems to have had an effect but unfortunately our DPHS staff still have to pick up litter before school on a daily basis.
We do this because we believe in this value of a “zero tolerance to litter!”  Please buy firmly into this stance by sharing your message of anti-litter support with your family thus showing your child the way.  No Prep boy should litter at home, school or in general as this is not part of our call of Preparing our Boys for Life.” 


Congratulations to the following boys:
JP      –        Melikhaya Mthembu         –        Grade 3 Marklew
SP      –        James Whatmore             –        Grade 6 Armstrong

Headmasters quote for the week
Don’t forget every “Litter” bit hurts……………….

Kind regards
B Wilson

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