From the Desk of the Headmaster – 09 June 2021

This newsletter brings us close to the last of the ‘twenties’ which highlights that we only have 21 school days left for the second quarter.  You are reminded that next week Wednesday 16 June is a public holiday as the country celebrates ‘Youth Day.’


You may have heard that there is the next roll out of vaccines for those under 60 years of age beginning soon.  I share with you that plans are in process at National level to begin, hopefully this week, with the educators in the schools.  We as staff have been informed that the Department of Education are finalizing plans to launch the venues and dates for educators to receive this vaccination.  DPHS will ensure that our staff will be in the front line when such opportunity arises for staff in schools.  I can inform you that our staff over the age of 60 have already gone for their vaccination during the first period of the roll out plan.

We as the Prep family again acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated services provided by all those members of society who are serving in the variety of front line professions as a health care worker – thank you!


There are so many answers to my above question that can be given as these answers are based on one’s personal opinion.  However, there are many common denominator answers that a Prep partner can relate to – some of these can be so basic that they go unnoticed on a daily basis.  We must remember that it is these ‘little/minor’ things that people refer to that are actually the most important and major issues that form that backbone and pulse of our school.  Many of these points are the very reasons as to why we chose to serve as staff at this school or why you as a family were determined to enrol your son in this institution.  Yes, we need to constantly monitor, reaffirm and improve upon where needed so that these core values and practises remain the ‘common language’ that each person understands as a DPHS partner.  Covid may have challenged the structures and systems to encourage ‘out of the box’ initiatives which have lifted the expected standards to even higher levels of excellence.  Yet I again refer to those solid Prep heart-beats of pride that we each experienced that warmed the heart even before this Covid pandemic and most definitely again as a united Prep front during this new lifestyle.

I thus refer to some of these general Prep ‘pulses’ that still pump that blue and gold blood through to a DPHS heart.  Please note that this is my list but I do hope that your heart also beats faster when thinking of the ‘points’ below.

  • To see a DPHS boy dressed so smartly in his spotless uniform – we must have one of the most distinguished uniforms for a school across the country.
  • It surely is a proud moment when a Prep boy raises his school cap to greet with a respectful “Good Morning” to staff, parent or visitor here at school or in general public.
  • To listen to the roar from the sidelines of a combined Prep community in support of the individual or team – that call of ‘Go Prep’ pierces the soul.
  • When one sits amongst a group of Prep boys and listen to the enthusiastic chatter about those positive experiences of the day in class, their team results or the excitement building up to the next event.  This also happens in conversation during your lift club travels.
  • To see that bond of DPHS friendships that is so genuinely felt amongst their friends in class, grade or teams which last a life-time.
  • The overall growth and development that a Prep boy shows from day one in each grade throughout the year.  Cast your own mind back to the beginning of the year and you too will see the confidence and progressive steps already taken.
  • A Prep boy understands the lifeskill importance of “manners maketh the man” in our united efforts of staff and parents in ‘preparing our boys for life’
  • To observe that passion and determination that a Prep boy expresses when called upon to represent his school no matter in what age group, team, group or event.
  • My own call of “you may at times knock a Prep boy down but you will never knock him out” is so evident on a daily basis.  A Prep boy will never throw the towel in and it warms one’s heart to see our boy/s grit their teeth, stand up to the challenge, bounce back and grow further from the advice given in any situation.
  • To witness that sense of belonging that a Prep boy shows when he refers to his school when in conversation with children/adults outside of our ‘DPHS family’
  • The heart beats with pride again when one is informed of how politely and maturely a DPHS boy has conducted himself eg. – through sportsmanship, in conversation with members of the public or staff/parents from other schools.
  • To observe a DPHS young man lead with confidence using his basket of talents and skills that he has learnt and developed from the combined input of his support from home and school.

I have listed a dozen points above out of that endless list of “what warms a Prep heart……” – a list that each of us can add to, from our own experiences and observations.

It is always necessary just to remind ourselves how blessed we are to be part of our DPHS journey as well as the integral service that all partners provide as we add to this recipe of Prep excellence – as a Proudly Prep staff member, parent, old boy, friend or boy of our beloved school.

My Prep heart is boiling hot with pride – I am sure that yours is too!


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Aphile Mvuyana – Grade 1 Langley        

SP      –        James Hughes – Grade 6 May      


“The purpose of life is to increase the warm heart”

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