From the Desk of the Headmaster – 07 October 2020

This letter serves as a follow up to the recent communication sent last week relating to our boys returning to school.
We as the school SMT and SGB have given this matter thorough attention now that social distancing is officially reduced to 1 metre at school and that at DPHS we are already extremely close to full attendance across each grade.
The decision has thus been made to allow our boys in grades 1/2/3/4/5/6 to now also join our grade 7 and grade R boys in attending school on a daily basis from this coming Monday 12 October 2020.  There are only 37 school days from Monday 12 October until break-up day on Tuesday 15 December 2020.
I also remind you that there is the national Schools Holiday coming up with schools closing for a week on Friday 23 October and re-opening on Monday 2 November.
I share with you some general guidelines relating to the boys returning next week.

  • Arrival/Departure

          GRADE                    ARRIVAL                                              DEPARTURE

             R                        School gates                                         School gates

             1                         JP Ramp                                              JP Ramp

             2                         JP Ramp                                              Staff Car Park Gate

             3                         Reception/Front office gate                JP Ramp – Gordon Road

            4 & 5                    Rosetta Road Gate                                 Rosetta Road Gate

            6 & 7                    School Hall Gate                                    School Hall Gate -Gordon Road                             

  • Screening      –        The screening process will now begin at 6h50Please note:
    Every boy throughout the school must arrive at his screening station with a reply slip that has been completed by the parent.  This slip is checked and used to record his temperature reading.  The whole process is delayed at the gate when a slip has to be completed.
  • Tuition          –        The majority of boys have already returned to school hence, the DPHS Google Meet Online Support Programme will end this week on                           Friday 9 October.  We will continue with our “Workpack” system for collection at the front entrance to assist only those very few boys with serious health concerns who are presently still on the system and will be closely monitored by the class educator.
  • Layout –                  We will continue to use venues such as the Hall, Functions Room and Music/Drama Room for Grade 7.  Further venues, namely the                         Media Centre, Science Lab and the Staff Room will be used as additional classrooms for the SP phase.
  • Single desks   –        Some 400 single desks have been brought into our school this week so that we can create even more space in the teaching spaces.
  • Dividers/       –        Storage Units have been removed from the JP classrooms to Storage Units maximise the space available.  Single desks and screen dividers will also be utilized in the arrangement of the classrooms
  • Break           –        All classes/grades will be allocated their demarcated area on the fields where the boys will continue to be seated apart from each other to enjoy their lunch. The ‘Prep Club’ is open to cater for the boy’s requirements.  Each boy must be wearing his DPHS sunhat when going out to break.
  • Extra Mural    –        A statement has recently been released by the Minister of Education Activities to encourage the inclusion of non-contact extra-mural activities. DPHS will soon be forwarding a programme to explain a new format of activities for the boys to participate in.
  • Homework Centre/-  Both facilities are already operational – please contact the school if Aftercare you are wanting to make use of this facility.
  • Arrival Times –        It is now of paramount importance that the boys in the main school do not arrive later than the 7h25 bell.  Please ensure that your son    is at school by this time.  All staff are required to begin their lessons for period 1 and cannot have continued disruptions due to the casual late-comers.
  • Appearance    –        Please give continued attention to haircuts/styles, garters, polished shoes and the wearing of the school cap.
  • Uniform         –        School Uniform is to be worn on a daily basis unless your son has PE (swimming) on the day.  On PE day he is to wear his “touring kit” for the day.  On Extra-mural Activities Day – he is to bring the respective kit to change into after his academic day.

We as DPHS remain consciously aware of respecting the health and safety standards that still need to be practised.  The wearing of masks, washing of hands, monitoring social distancing and thorough sanitizing and cleaning procedures will continue.  DPHS is looking forward to your continued support with your son attending school on a daily basis from this coming Monday 12 October for the remainder of this year. DPHS is also determined to have our boys back on a daily basis from the start of the 2021 academic year hence the implementation of these new initiatives and planning taking place at present which will continue if need be.

I sincerely hope that all our families will welcome this news of returning to school for 2020 but also as we look ahead to 2021 well in advance. 

Kind regards


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