From the Desk of the Headmaster – 07 April 2021

Almost into the single figures now as we countdown the 13 school days left of this term to take us through until break-up day on Friday 23 April.  I do hope that you and your family were blessed with a most enjoyable long weekend where the batteries were recharged for this final period of the term.


We again take this opportunity to remind you that our School Governing Body Election Meeting takes place this Thursday 8 April @ 18h00.  As has been mentioned, this programme will take place outdoors to respect Covid protocols on the Walshaw (Top) Field.  Please be punctual so that these elections can begin timeously especially as you need to register beforehand.

You have been informed that:

  • For South Africans – a South African Identity document or Identity Card or a valid passport. 
  • For non-South Africans citizens – a valid Passport with proof of temporary or permanent residence

are the only valid documents to be presented on arrival at registration.  You are thus requested to please arrive from 17h45 so that this process does not delay the start of the meeting.

NB.  Parents must park on John Smith (Bottom) Field.

We look forward to your attendance so that a quorum can be achieved at this first meeting.  If the quorum is not reached, then this election meeting will have to be unfortunately adjourned to next week Thursday 15 April at 18h00 where the elections will then take place.

Your continued support will be greatly appreciated especially in attendance for this coming Thursday.

May I on behalf of the School extend our combined vote of thanks and appreciation to the outgoing Chairman Mr Bruce Hughes and the entire SGB members who have governed this school with distinction, especially throughout these challenging times of the Covid pandemic.  Mr Hughes and the SGB have been extremely dedicated in their respective responsibilities having always kept the best interests of staff, parents and especially the boys as their paramount focus in serving the school.  Our sincerest appreciation and loudest applause is expressed to the outgoing SGB – a Proudly Prep commitment of excellence!  Thank you SGB.


The staff are presently finalising their end of term results from the variety of academic tasks that have been practised throughout this first quarter of the 2021 academic year.  I encourage you to already start having discussions with your son on “how he thinks he has done so far this year.”  Each boy, if he is being totally honest with himself will have a good indication of what he can expect as the final overall result as well as how he has fared in each subject, especially the boys in the Senior Primary phase.  It is far more rewarding for the family when they sit down with the report to actually note that the son was quite close in his personal expectations in comparison to the assessment provided by his staff members.  It is also a learning experience to further ask what “effort symbols” he could be expecting as each one knows whether he has produced a “below” average,” “adequate” or “outstanding” effort throughout the term.  The real cause for concern is when a learner believes he has scored a 75% aggregate but actually opens the report to find his true score level of 60%.   The boy, in my eyes, who can be spot on with this academic feedback and reasons in advance whether it is good or not so good, deserves to be complimented for this honesty and awareness in his own life skills reflection. 


When one looks back over the last year, it is amazing to see just how much has been achieved under trying and challenging circumstances.  We have …….

  • Gone from level 5 lockdown to still enjoy life under the more relaxed level 1 situation as a country.
  • Moved as a school from the alternating day programme to being back at school on a daily basis which has been so appreciated and valued by staff, parents and the boys.
  • Enjoyed a first term packed with academic, sport and cultural activities that have catered for each boy on a daily basis.
  • Received information inviting you to be a part of the DPHS Speech and Drama Festival.
  • Now been introduced to new extra mural activities in preparation for hopefully some inter-school competition as well.
  • Been allowed to travel away on holiday or for a weekend to experience taking time away from the confinement of our homes.

It is thus with these ‘new opportunities’ that I call on each person young and old to embrace these special moments that we have been blessed with.  Let us not become casual in respecting our Covid responsibilities as we continue to show and remind our family members of these essential disciplines.  Yes – the wearing of a mask, the washing of one’s hands, the maintaining of our social distancing – a list that we all know off by heart is still of paramount importance.  We cannot be that person who disrespects this discipline that is essential to be practised amongst all members of society here at school, at home or in the general public arena.

Let us respectfully embrace these ‘new opportunities’ that we are privileged to participate in at present.  No boy should thus be going home to sit in front of a computer or TV screen when there is the opportunity to attend practices/clubs at school or be outside in the garden or on the beach front promenade.

Use the present time to again celebrate life, your talents and interests – we never know when these exciting opportunities are suddenly removed from our daily routine as we move forward on this unknown pathway into the future.


I call on the DPHS Community to please respect the neighbours who reside around the school especially when it comes to traffic and parking.  Please understand that they too need to get to work or return home which can become quite frustrating as well if we are parked across their driveways.

There will be no need for frustration from any person if we respect this urgent request by considering our neighbours when parking around the school.

It may be understood once-off but if this happens frequently I am sure that we can all understand how the neighbours can become upset if they do not receive our support in this matter.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Brett Mitchell         –        Grade 2 Everitt

SP      –        Abdullah Ally          –        Grade 4 Miloszewski

Headmasters Quote for the Week

“If a window of opportunity appears don’t close the curtains”

Kind regards

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