From the Desk of the Headmaster – 05 November 2021

We are into the eleventh month of the year which also means that there are 29 school days left to enjoy until our final day on Wednesday 15 December.  The time is flying by on a daily basis and before we know it we will be watching our seniors ring the bell in our traditional “Grade 7 Farewell Walk”.  Yet there is still so much to do with a jam packed programme of Prep events to enjoy.


Some time ago it was brought to your attention that our JP Zulu specialist namely Mrs Nomthandazo Ntshingila will be retiring at the end of this academic year.  Special mention is again made of Mrs Ntshingila and her loyal service given to the school.  Today the focus is on her replacement who will be joining our DPHS team for the 2022 academic year.  Welcome Mrs Nobuhle Majola an experienced class teacher who will be joining us from St Martins in Durban North.  Mrs Majola has already spent time at Prep under the guidance of Mrs Ntshingila and Miss Mdlalose who have been involved in lesson planning and general DPHS structures with our new staff member.  It is indeed encouraging to be able to celebrate this appointment with you as we continue to build on the levels of excellence that have been of paramount importance at Prep throughout the years.  Mrs Majola is delighted to be part of the Prep team and programme in the next academic year.  Welcome Mrs Majola.


The SGB Chairman Mr Terblanche sent out a letter to the Prep community stating the school fees for 2022 and the percentage increase of 2,96%.  This is truly an amazing achievement with all partners consciously focused on the financial pressures that our families could be experiencing now and in moving into the next year.  DPHS has also been mindful of maintaining and building on our respected levels of excellence in all sectors, phases and departments in our school.  A combined team effort beginning with the staff and their respective budgets for 2022 has been thoroughly monitored with the staff themselves planning so meticulously under the guidance of Mr Phipson.  Special mention is also given to our Bursar Mrs Michelle Roberts for her hands-on, daily monitoring of the entire school budget with much attention to detail.  The Finance Committee now led by Mr Chris Speirs have met on numerous occasions to fine tune the budgets and together with the SGB have presented a school fee increase which we can loudly applaud in appreciation both as a school and Prep community.  I have taken this opportunity to personally acknowledge the combined team-work in reaching this final outcome regarding the school fees for 2022.  I do believe that you as parents have already warmly appreciated the genuine efforts of DPHS in presenting another low percentage increase for the next academic year. 


Not so long ago I highlighted the importance of this term with our boys now experiencing their final academic challenges in each grade across our school.  The boys have been constantly encouraged to be accountable for their own efforts to raise the bar on their own academic goals.  All grades, from Grade R to Grade 7, will receive an end of year report which is of paramount importance for now and the next grade above and even for the respective High Schools.  So this call is to again emphasize how each boy is expected to dedicate his time towards his preparation and presentation of all the academic responsibilities noted in classwork, homework, projects and in learning for the tests ahead in our standard control testing period.  There is no more ‘next term’ in this academic year – the time for attention to academics is now and each family is encouraged to emphasize these exact same points.


At the beginning of the year I introduced our school to our theme “Be that Rainbow – show your true colours.”  Many boys have definitely shone brightly in a variety of areas throughout the year but this theme needs to be felt in all members of our Prep family ie. – staff, boys and parents.  We need to let our true talents shine this final lap in our various responsibilities to our common goal of reaching our Prep “pot of gold.”  Come on Prep – let us really make it happen in everything that we respect in our school and family functionality.  Let our Rainbow glow brightly for all onlookers to admire as our respected levels of excellence are practised.  This applies to all aspects of our routine ie. – appearance, punctuality for school, excellent behaviour, leadership, commitment, positive attitudes, team-work, Prep manners etc. to mention just a few of the many ‘rainbow colours’ in our DPHS rainbow.


It is so encouraging to see our boys actively involved in our wide variety of activities on offer.  It is also wonderful to see our sidelines filled with our Prep supporters after such a long time.  However, it must be stated that Covid protocols still need to be closely monitored whilst on the school grounds by ensuring that a mask is covering nose and mouth and that social distancing is maintained.  Please respect these national directives that were clearly expressed in the gazette when permission was recently granted for the return of spectators.

I thus call on all Prep families to please practise such responsibilities when supporting our boys at the respective school events.  It is our combined responsibility to monitor our Covid regulations to respect the health and safety aspects at all times, for everyone.  This must apply when we are DPHS spectators at home or when in attendance at any other school or venue.  Thank you Prep!


Thank you for your constant feedback in monitoring your son and family with regards to Covid protocols.  It is most encouraging to report back that for now there are 0 Prep boys positive cases and 0 Prep boys who are in isolation due to family/close contact cases.  Long may this be blessed upon our school community.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP –    Yousuf Paruk         –        Grade 2 Hardouin

SP –    Connor Drimmie    –        Grade 4 Richards


We as DPHS wish those families celebrating at this time a blessed, healthy and prosperous Diwali filled with much happiness.


“He believed he could and he did”

Kind regards


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