From the Desk of the Headmaster – 05 November 2020

Welcome back to the final lap of the year which actually means that we have exactly 29 school days left to celebrate before we close the academic year on Tuesday 15 December. 
We held a virtual assembly for the school on Monday where the assembly programme was screened from my office through to the classrooms.  I emphasized the importance of all Prep partners, which includes our parents, to stand united as “Lighthouse Leaders” throughout each day ahead.  Our togetherness will ensure that our ‘lights’ shine brightly across the entire coastline of DPHS as we embrace the final period of this challenging year.  The message also focused on various topics which we all need to be reminded about especially at this stage of the year namely:

  • We welcomed Mrs Martin back to her Grade 2 class after her maternity leave and thanked Mrs Horning for her service provided in this position.
  • Grade 7 boys were encouraged to enjoy their final days by leading by example with full commitment given to all school partners and the school activities.
  • The rest of the grades should thus follow the senior examples in providing for their own levels of excellence in consolidating their own respective efforts for the year.
  • To follow our ‘health and safety’ protocols ie.:

–        wearing of the mask at all times.

–        washing of one’s hands on a regular basis.

–        using hand sanitizer that is available throughout the school.

–        keeping your social distance in class, movement around the school and in the activities available.

–        Please rest assured that our professional team of staff are constantly moving    into and along all areas of the school sanitizing and cleaning throughout each          day.

  • For all boys to practise their highest standards of behaviour here at school and even outside of the school environment.
  • This also leads to appearance standards of the highest order.  Please respect that the DPHS cap is an integral piece of the DPHS uniform with all staff, parents and boys insisting of the wearing of this valued item.  Our cap cannot be left in class, at home, on the field after activities etc.

I will be calling on all partners for support in addressing our “appearance standards” which is a major aspect in “preparing our boys for life.”  The expected DPHS haircut is non-negotiable, as are polished shoes and the wearing of garters.  Spot, random checks will be held with consequences to follow.

  • Mr Prep: Our Mr Prep programme is officially launched as per our weekly standards with each teacher and class identifying their ‘ambassador’ in appearance!  Every boy in our school is thus able to challenge for this Proudly Prep recognition by presenting themselves neatly for school on a daily basis.  Our achievers in the JP and SP phase will be highlighted in the Prep Patter as the Mr Prep for that week.
  • Academics – Boys were reminded that this is the final opportunity for all boys to improve on their academic standards recorded so far.   Various academic achievements will be recognized eg. – top 10 positions per class; most improved per class on percentage score.  The staff were requested to send through boys to my office to proudly share their promising academic efforts, as and when deserved.  Please support our ‘Lighthouse Light’ in shining down your own monitoring of your son’s academic programme here at school and at home during this important academic phase.  Let us all make the required team effort now so that the final report for the year will be a true reflection to celebrate the progress and development that has been made.
  • Extra Mural Activities – You will have already noticed how a wide range of activities were initiated this year.  We strongly encourage that all our boys participate in these activities as Prep boys enjoy being actively involved both in the academic day and in the extensive programmes outside of the classroom.  Get involved again and enjoy your Prep talents boys!
  • Our facilities as in the Prep Club and School Uniform Shop are operational, ready to provide for the needs of our boys during this busy period.  Please continue to support these facilities here by allowing your son to enjoy a meal, treat and even new items of clothing especially for those boys who have grown this year – school shorts, socks etc. do need to fit correctly and comfortably.
  • Thank you – To the parents who attended the 2021 Budget/presentation.  This has been a year where ‘finances’ has been of paramount importance not only for each household but also for our school.  This has required a hands-on, attention to all detail approach by all Prep partners but I do need to acknowledge the Finance Committee Chairperson Mr Warren Mills, and the Finance Committee, the School Bursar Mrs Michelle Roberts and the Finance Department, the School Governing Body, the entire staff for their support and understanding in financial matters and the preparing of budgets and to our parents/families for your commitment to the payment of school fees.

Well done and thank you Prep!


JP-  Luke Mutch – Grade 2 Martin

SP – Zwa Mpanza – Grade 7 Turner


“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

Kind regards

Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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