From the Desk of the Headmaster – 04 March 2020

Almost into single figures now which leaves 12 academic days left to enjoy this term.  Be reminded that break-up day is on Friday 20 March, so please make the necessary arrangements to collect your son at the times indicated below.
Reception Unit        –        10h30
Junior Primary       –        10h45
Senior Primary       –        11h00

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have recently received the official appointment from the Education Department on the HOD post that was advertised here at DPHS last year.  The whole process of submitting CV’s, shortlisting of candidates by our Interview Committee, followed by the actual interviews of these applicants was conducted and submitted for final approval by the Department.

We are delighted that Mrs Samantha Parry on our staff, who directs the Design/Technology and Robotics programme, has been certified to join our school management team in what was the vacant HOD position.  Mrs Parry has dedicated her professional service to DPHS for the past 14 years where she has constantly shown her loyalty and expertise here at Prep.  Many boys over the years have been taught by Mrs Parry and fondly look back at their Prep years and the positive role and impact that she had on their learning experience and personal growth.  Mrs Parry has also grown our Robotics programme to be a leading force in our city, province and around the country where schools have turned to her for guidance and advice to initiate similar programmes within their own schools.  We are also so proud to be actively involved in the World Robotics structures once again due to the direction provided by Mrs Parry.  I thus call on you as the Prep community to loudly applaud the promotion of Mrs Parry to HOD at DPHS where we look forward to her further input and expertise in these new managerial roles and responsibilities.
Congratulations to you Mrs Parry!

DPHS Head of Department : Mrs S Parry

We as a school also take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Stefan Terblanche on his appointment to the School Governing Body.  Thank you to those parents who attended the final/round 2 election meeting that took place last night, where those present voted in our newly elected member.  We look forward to the valuable contribution that Mr Terblanche will add to the Board.  Congratulations are further extended to Board Members also voted in by the SGB to these executive positions for the year:
Mr Bruce Hughes – Chairman
Mr Max Oliva – Vice Chairman
Mr Warren Mills – Treasurer
Mrs Cara Reilly – Marketing
Mrs Denise Tsouris – Secretary
Congratulations are also extended to Mr Vishalan Naidu who has also been co-opted onto the SGB.
Please see the official letter sent relating to the SGB and the composition of the Board.

We held a most enjoyable National Cricket Festival here this past week/end even though Friday was affected due to the heavy rain.  Thank you to our Director of Sport Mr Dick, the Prep staff involved, our general assistant staff, the many hosting families, and the efforts of the 1st team boys and support received from our DPHS boys in the school, as all these partners combined to provide this tournament of excellence. This appreciation is also extended to the KZN Umpires Association, all caterers namely The Prep Club and KFC, as well as the security/car guards.  A huge acknowledgement is also given to our chief sponsor ‘PhotoNote’ for their generosity noted in this tournament.  A Proudly Prep event!

Our JP A & B swimming squads excelled in the inter-school gala held at the Gordon Road Pool last Thursday.  Both squads achieved great results in the respective U7/8/9 age group relay events with the ‘A’ squad winning all 20 events on the programme and the B team close on their heels.  Thank you to Ms A J Logan for her dedicated service in organizing the gala, and her combined input with our swimming coaches to prepare our boys to perform at this high level.  Well done to the JP and general staff involved in this Proudly Prep experience.

The SP phase is also focussing on the D & D galas at the Kings Park Swimming Pool this week. Our C & D squads swim in the leagues against other schools A & B squads so our boys and coaches have to really commit themselves in these challenges.
The results are as follows – there are 10 teams in each league.
Monday                  –        D squad came 9th
Tuesday                 –        C squad finished 4th
Today Wednesday   –    B squad in the A league finished 10th and the A squad flying the flag to 1st

We have just returned from a most exciting D & D Inter schools ‘A’ League Gala at Kings Park where our A & B squad really performed exceptionally.  The ‘B’ squad is the only team competing in the ‘A’ League amongst competitive schools so unfortunately finished in the 10th position with a creditable performance.  Congratulations again to all our coaches and our Director of Swimming, Mrs Richards for the planning, organization and training that has taken place.  This effort has definitely resulted in our ‘A’ Team winning this gala, for the 21st time, by a 28 points difference to the second position.  This is truly a remarkable effort against tough opposition with ‘Prep’ again proving that passions, skill and determination to succeed.  Thank you to our Grade 6 and Grade 7 boys who did their school proud in each event with positive cheer and behaviour – a great DPHS victory!

Congratulations to all our swimming coaches, managers and our Director of Swimming, Mrs Richards for co-ordinating yet another swimming season of excellence for 2020.

D & D Gala Swimmers

We wish Mr May and our 1st Team Water Polo Squad a most rewarding and enjoyable experience, as they leave today for the annual tournament hosted by Grey Junior in Port Elizabeth.  Our boys have always performed so admirably there with us winning this tournament in 2018.  The squad have been working extremely hard in the first term in preparation for this event and we again look forward to DPHS performing at these high standards of excellence expected of them.  I look forward to joining the team in Port Elizabeth on Friday afternoon so that I can support the final rounds, then on Saturday morning with the play-offs and hopefully the semi-finals and finals into the afternoon.  Here we go Prep – let’s go!

PE Water Polo Tour


Miss out on supporting their school. Motivate their school and teams to perform at the highest levels.
Become casual in the second term activities. Look forward to again being so actively involved in the second term extra mural programme.
Lose focus on their academic responsibilities until the final day of this term. Continue to commit to all homework and study tasks throughout the term.
Purchase new rugby boots of colour. Ensure that they purchase predominantly black boots of colour.
Display any unkind attitude towards their peers. Care about their fellow Prep boys.


The secret code for this week is:
“Once a Prep boy, always a Prep boy”

JP                –        Daniel Peterson      –        Grade 2 Martin
SP                –        Jake Wang              –        Grade 4 Fletcher

“Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets”


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