From the Desk of the Headmaster – 04 August 2021

Into the second week already which now leaves 40 academic days to enjoy before the end of this third quarter.  I again emphasize that we are enjoying the busy and active buzz that is experienced around the schools which clearly relates to the positive synergy amongst all Prep partners.


I am sure that you have been just as delighted as the staff to see Mr May live on television in the Opening Day Ceremony and during the Water Polo fixtures.  Once again we emphasize how proud we are of Mr May and his personal achievements in this regard.  We as a school also proudly celebrate that our staff member has been so actively involved at this national level.  You will remember that we had an Olympic send off dress day for Mr May and the school has now decided to secretly do the same for his return.  He will return to school after this long weekend ie. Tuesday 10 August so please ensure that your son joins in the festivities of the ‘Welcome back Mr May’ school day.  The classes are busy preparing cards and posters to fill the classrooms, corridors and buildings so the dress code for the day will be as before for the ‘send off’

Date            :        Tuesday 10 August

Dress code    :        Predominantly white running shoes

                   :        White (DPHS) socks

                   :        White shorts

                   :        A green or yellow shirt – no vest

                   :        DPHS blazer and DPHS school cap to be worn over the ‘Olympic’

                             dress code above

The ‘Welcome Back’ is being done as top secret so we look forward to Mr May’s reaction and surprise.  This will surely be a fun and fitting display of Prep synergy in honour of Mr May’s Olympic journey.


It has been made official through the latest National Gazette that:

  • Primary schools (from learners in Grade R to 7) must return to the traditional and daily attendance timetabling model.
  • Contact and non-contact sport including training and inter-school activities/fixtures may resume but still unfortunately no spectators allowed.

We had put out a general activities programme to start off the term but now that permission has been granted the DPHS official Sport and Activities Term 3 programme will be immediately implemented from this Wednesday onwards.

The wide variety of activities caters for all boys in all ages as sent earlier which includes rugby, tennis, hockey, cross country, choir, music theory, gumboot dance, computer clubs and hip hop dance club.   We encourage our boys throughout the school to be actively involved on a daily basis but will ensure our Covid health and safety protocols are followed.

Please note that we will soon be able to look forward to some inter-school rugby fixtures to continue after having started with one round of fixtures earlier this year.

It is essential that our boys benefit from a full day programme of Prep – the vibe in the school has already lifted even higher, now that our boys know that they can enjoy their full day both in and out of the classroom structures.

I encourage all the boys to commit to the afternoon activities and codes that they have chosen.  They can be together with their peers and staff really dedicated to an extra mural programme that we have been waiting so patiently for, to return.


We have been monitoring the usage by our community in this weekly newsletter format.  It must be highlighted that the percentage score relating to our subscribers is disappointing especially with the time and thorough effort taken to prepare and present this Patter.  We are also aware that our parents can also use the other social media platforms that we have in place.  Communicating and networking with our community is essential and this Patter has also served its purpose in this regard.   I will prepare a general “Message from the Headmaster” and send this each week irrespective of whether we continue with the Prep Patter, so that I can continue, from my position, to interact with the school community.


  • go camping
  • build a tent
  • have a picnic
  • enjoy a milkshake
  • make popcorn
  • wash the car/s together
  • have a ‘garage sale’
  • bake scones
  • play at the park/beach
  • have a “karaoke” evening
  • dance to the music
  • paint a masterpiece
  • prepare a Sunday lunch
  • take the dogs for a walk
  • hold a family concert with each member performing
  • donate to a charity or those in need
  • build a tree house
  • go fishing
  • get away for a weekend
  • take some family photographs

Here are twenty ideas above to think about as each one can bring much fun to all members of the family.  I would love to hear from the family if you did actually try out any from the above list that used to be activities that we all looked forward to but nowadays seem to have been forgotten in our busy family schedules and lifestyles of today.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Yusuf Moosa           –        Grade 1 May

SP      –        Jake Wang              –        Grade 5 Fisher


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old ……..

we grow old because we stop playing”

Kind regards

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