From the Desk of the Headmaster – 03 March 2021

Now into the third month of the year March which reminds us that there are actually 37 school days left until the end of this first term ie – Friday 23 April.  The school is happily busy with much activity taking place in the classrooms and extra mural programmes.  Thank you again to all our DPHS families for supporting our staff by ensuring that your son in all grades is actually present at school for each academic day – the attendance levels are still close to 100% – congratulations Prep for that partnership which is so positively felt as we together embrace this 2021 academic year.


This week I decided to highlight the theme for our Prep year “Be that rainbow by showing your true colours”.  I again call on all families to buy into this theme with your son during his school efforts and when at home.
Today I remind the boys of the words that have been clearly displayed in the hall and teaching spaces around the school.  Words that DPHS definitely prescribes to and can thus be closely linked to the colour of our Prep rainbow.  I have selected a few to share in this edition.

Red –        Loyalty – that deep love and passion that each of us has for our beloved school.  We have to believe in this moral value as that sense of pride and belief in being an important partner in Prep ensures that we keep our Prep flag flying high at the top of the mast.  Please continue to speak proudly about our school as staff, parents and boys amongst ourselves.  We must remain ambassadors of DPHS always ready to fiercely defend and promote this great school that all of us are blessed to be part of.

Orange –  Honesty – let us continue to encourage this radiant ‘colour’ as we look each other in the eye knowing that each person is giving of our utmost to succeed, especially as a combined unit.  It is of no value to simply arrive for the day – let us dig deep into the soul and be trustworthy in any contribution or involvement with our integrity never in question.

Yellow –    Respect – this powerful colour should be shining brightly for each of us as we show due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others.  This sunshine should symbolize the happiness that we all wish for on a daily basis in our journey of life.  Thus have that respect for yourself which will glow in your positivity, attitude and caring mannerisms.  A respectful and happy ‘You’ will warm not only our heart but many of these that your will interact with here at school, work or at home.

Green –     Perseverance – to what we all must remember to practise when challenges are thrown at us sometimes unexpectedly.  No Prep partner must ever throw the towel in no matter how difficult the situation may seem.  Let the green beauty of nature inspire us to follow our rainbow path to reach our goals and rewards.  No perseverance – no gain.

Blue –        Dignity – a powerful word that relates to real meaning of self-worth based on who you really are, what and how you do things and the values one holds.  DPHS has over the 111 years continued to prove that distinction where we believe in the moral value system and principles that we stand for in “Preparing our Boys for Life” – just ask an Old Boy.

Indigo –     Service – a colour so close to our school colour where the principle of being of service is emphasized so genuinely.  Each Prep partner has a most important role to play in servant leadership whether we serve as staff, parent or as boys serving each other.  Straight away our practices of the Prep Pal and Grade 7 leadership formats clearly highlight this. Our amazing staff team go beyond the call of duty throughout each entire day and with the commitment and backing of the parent community it clearly shows that all partners serve in our school.

Violet –     Excellence – which DPHS has clearly driven in all aspects across the school.  We do not believe in settling for average or good outcomes.  We remain focused in our non-negotiable stance in reaching those levels of excellence in the person or in the school expectations and vision moving forward.

In summary, I encourage each Prep partner to look for their rainbows across their Prep sky and follow it through to that DPHS pot of success.  May we keep our sky beautiful, packed with these powerful, positive colours – let us work together to blow away any brewing thunderstorms that may suddenly appear.
“Please share the message with your son and may we all “Be that Rainbow showing our True Colours in 2021”.

Congratulations to the following boys:
JP      –        Cullen Turnbull       –        Gr 2 Everitt
SP      –        Kieran Jestin           –        Gr 5 Mr Mouton

Headmasters Quote for the week
“There is a rainbow in your sky all the time, just look for it”

Kind regards

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