From the Desk of the Headmaster – 03 February 2021


It gives me such great pleasure to welcome our Prep boys back to our Online programme.  I have visited classrooms across the grades at different times during the past days to personally greet and welcome the teacher and the boys.  It is even more heart-warming to see our boys in uniform with their proudly Prep haircuts and cap, seated at a desk at home actively involved in their lesson.  It is wonderful to hear those voices, young and older, with their friendly DPHS greeting of “Good Morning” – what a pleasant start for all for 2021.


I would briefly like to share with you some staff movements around appointments for 2021.

Grade 7       –        Mr Jali will now lead the Grade as Grade Leader – congratulations.

                   –        Mr Davis moves back into the grade namely Grade 7A.

                   –        Mr Shabalala moves into this senior grade.

Grade 5        –        Mr Mouton has joined our staff – welcome to our staff team.

Grade 4        –        Mrs Richards has moved into this grade.

Grade 2        –        Welcome back from maternity leave Mrs Murphy.

Grade 1        –        Congratulations again to Mrs Muller on her permanent appointment onto the staff.

Grade R        –        Welcome to Miss Amy Wright as a Teacher Assistant in Grade R.


Director of IT          –        Mr Bedford has moved from Grade 7 into this position – congratulations.

–        Welcome to Mr Lennie Govindsamy on the staff in the IT Department.

Learning Support    –        Mrs Fletcher takes up service now in this department – congratulations.

Science                  –        Mr Thatcher has moved across into the specialist position – congratulations

Zulu (at present)    –        Gr 7 – Mr Jali

                                      Gr 5 and 6 – Mr Shabalala

                                      Gr 4 – Mrs Hadebe

Thank you to the above staff members who for now are sharing this subject in the senior phase due to the passing of our beloved Mr Zulu.

I compliment the staff in all areas for the positive and enthusiastic attitude that each person has shown since their respective returns to school.  The staff have dedicated themselves to being so well prepared to receive the boys as in their Online/workpack programme as well as in setting up their teaching spaces for the boys return on Monday 15 February.
These compliments included all the specialist staff in various departments, administration staff and our general assistants/maintenance team.  Thank you in abundance staff for the valuable contribution and dedicated efforts already shown on your return – a Proudly Prep spirited team in action.

Every year I personally introduce a new word/theme for all partners of DPHS which includes you as our Prep family members at home.  This theme has already been launched with the staff so that they too can be ready to implement their own initiatives around the theme.

The 2021 theme is “Be that Rainbow” where each individual can show your true colours through your caring, friendship, efforts, skills and talents etc.

As the cartoon shows – we as DPHS can launch the start of our own multi-talented rainbow through the year which will arch into the “Prep pot” of golden success whenever a “Prep rainbow” is created during this year or at the final year end – a year of happiness!

Please join in as a family by introducing the theme at home so that our combined ‘rainbow’ is that ‘bridge’ between home and school.


Our appreciation reaches out to our Prep families from Grade R through to Grade 7 for the valued support that you have continued to show not only through last year but most definitely again through these early stages of 2021.  This is noticed through the rapid response to ensuring that your son is connected and ready for his lessons at home and how quickly the workpacks were collected.  Thank you for ensuring that your son is dressed in uniform, with the correct DPHS haircut standards and is seated at his work station ready to greet and formally begin his school day during this period.  Please continue to follow all the guidance and advice that is being shared between staff and home so that we can build even higher on this solid foundation that has been laid down now for 2021. 

We are also really looking forward to having ‘our son’ back at school on Monday 15 February which is rapidly approaching as by then we will be well into the academic year – thank you Prep!

  • Please forward on the date below to family, friends and colleagues – our adverts are up and around the city.


Headmasters quote for the week

 “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”


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