From the Desk of the Headmaster – 02 September 2020

I begin today’s Prep Patter by placing the spotlight on “Happy Secretaries Day” and thus acknowledging all such staff members here at school as well as those Prep parents that also fall under this umbrella of dedicated service in the business world.
We are blessed at DPHS with a team of administration staff members who are extremely dedicated to their responsibilities here on a daily basis.  They are committed to ensuring the smooth functionality in operations focusing on providing for the community of the school, in the front lines and also quietly behind the scenes with their professional contribution so essential in the “engine room” of DPHS.
I personally acknowledge my own Personal Assistant, Mrs Denise Tsouris for her daily loyal support and assistance that I have received especially during these new          and challenging times of 2020.  Thank you Mrs Tsouris.
These sentiments are also extended to Mrs Roz Bedford as our Front Office Secretary of the Grade R section, which I know is fully endorsed by Mrs Phipson, for her dedicated efforts to staff and the boys. – A Proudly Prep Team.

Happy start to Spring – our boys down in Grade R have really brought much joy and ‘colour’ into school with their beautifully decorated ‘Spring’ hats.  The arrival of Spring has brought a ‘freshness’ into our daily lives creating that extra ‘spring’ in one’s step to provide that positive synergy amongst us, not only here at school but also in society.  Welcome Spring!

There have been many challenging moments that we can all relate to over these past months of this pandemic.  Nobody last year ever imagined that 2020 would place us under such anxiety and concern relating to one’s lifestyle, health, personal and family circumstances, employment as well as the functionality in the schools.

The year got off to a promising start but we were suddenly exposed to a ‘new’ way of living – a life with restrictions, rules and disciplines that now seems to be part of our daily living and routine.  Yes, there have been very serious and threatening dark clouds hanging over our heads but we have still managed to rise above the negative.  I personally believe that we have grown in so many ways, in general, during this period as I share below:

We …….

*        learnt to appreciate our family, friends and loved ones even more.

*        focused on our personal well-being and health which we may have neglected before.

*        now value what we have in life instead of taking things for granted.

*        have come to realize that the ‘small’ things are actually the ‘major’ issues that may have been overlooked.

*        find that necessary time to reflect on one’s blessings in life.

*        have restored our faith and belief through prayer.

*        can now really acknowledge that our school ‘Prep’ and its community plays such a meaningful part in each of our lives.

*        now cherish the experiences of each day as we stand united to overcome those obstacles placed before us.

There are so many more positives that each of us could add to on this list.  I do encourage you to pause and do just that by writing down a few of your own thoughts or blessings that you too have come to highlight and value, when you also reflect on your personal circumstances.
So today I would like to focus again on two powerful words that we must truly value namely  “Thank You”

“Thank you” Prep for …………………

  • our combined drive to keep our Prep flag flying high.
  • the dedicated service that our staff have so willingly provided throughout such challenging and difficult times.
  • the continued support and encouragement that our Prep families have given to our school.
  • the mature and co-operative response that our boys have shown during this ‘new’ school routine.
  • those families who have continued to honour their financial commitments.
  • the many boys who have returned to school to enjoy a full academic day with the staff and their peers.
  • our boys in the majority now, who are focusing on their levels of excellence expected in their personal appearance of haircuts, clean uniform, polished shoes, garters, etc.
  • respecting the health and safety protocols here at school that we all need to maintain on a daily basis.
  • being punctual for school and co-operating through our screening process on entry to school.
  • the genuine teaching and learning buzz that is so clearly noted and felt across all grades throughout our school.
  • believing in your school DPHS.
  • being so Proudly Prep.


The time is coming for us to focus on the ‘Mr Prep’ in appearance for each class again even through grades are on alternating days with some classes back to their expected full capacity.  The boys are making that necessary effort to respect our levels of excellence in these matters irrespective of the dress code for the day.  Well done staff, boys and Prep families in monitoring our valued standards as a ‘Proudly Prep’ partner.  Look out for further notice in this regard.


“Sometimes life will test you but remember this: when you walk up a mountain, your legs get stronger”.

Your Proudly Prep Headmaster

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