From the Desk of the Headmaster – 02 June 2021

June is here already which now highlights that there are only 29 school days left of this second quarter with still much to do and enjoy before that final day on Friday 9 July.  DPHS has steered our way around any obstacles or challenges experienced this term so that we can confidently continue to maintain our levels of excellence with “out of the box” thinking and initiatives in all areas of our daily school programme.  You will see as an attachment in this Prep Patter the calendar for the 2022 academic year which has been gazetted and sent through by the department across the country.


A reminder to all boys that this month of June is a very important term of testing and appraisal.  Our seniors in Grade 6 and Grade 7 begin their mid-year testing/examination period from Wednesday 9 June, next week.  All the other grades are also continuing with their continuous assessment programme.  Please note that the staff will soon be completing their collection of marks for this second quarter so please ensure that your son really applies himself to all of his set academic responsibilities.  We will also now be able to include from Grade 4 to Grade 7 a boy in each class who has shown the “Most Improved” mark based on percentage increase from his first term result.  These boys will also be invited to the “Headmasters Tea” hosted by the DPHS Mothers’ Committee in the last week of this term.

Prepare and present well for this final lap of the academic term boys!


Our boys are actively involved in the wide variety of choices on offer for them to enjoy after their academic day.  It is encouraging to see the boys attending their cultural activities eg. – singing, musical tuition, dance, drama.  There is also much excitement on the fields as the boys move into the code of athletics which is non contact.  The boys per age group represent their respective House on their set days and are doing so with such pride.  It is heart warming to see our boys charging down the track determined to achieve for the House.  Now that contact sport activities are on hold the athletics programme still provides for our boys to exercise and enjoy themselves outdoors instead of being contained indoors.  We will also now look forward to seeing our boys in action at the Inter House Athletics Day hosted the day before break-up day

Ie. – Thursday 8 July   –    9h00 – JP           12H00 – SP

Best wishes to all four Houses – Go Prep!

MASKS ( I include the letter below that was sent home earlier in the week to serve as a reminder)

We as members of management and staff have been monitoring the boys and the wearing of their masks and buffs throughout the grades on a daily basis.  It is evident that it is far more challenging for the boys to ensure that their buffs remain in place covering both the nose and mouth, especially when speaking through it, as the buff tends to slip down ending up as a scarf.

The decision has been made that as from this week Thursday 3 June, only face masks are allowed to be worn for the school day programme.  Please note that this applies to all boys in Grade R, the JP and SP phases.

Our boys have thus been given two days to ensure that they have a mask to wear by Thursday.  I remind you that the boys were also issued with masks which they should still have in their possession, in case they do not have one of their own personal choice.

The boys have also been addressed on this decision at the assemblies held recently and are encouraged to wear the face mask sooner, instead of waiting until this Thursday.

Parents are also requested to check that the face mask that their son is wearing fits comfortably covering the nose and mouth at all times.  Please give immediate attention to your son’s mask and replace it if need be.

Your support and understanding in the wearing of masks is greatly appreciated.


I proudly relate this title above to the DPHS community of staff, boys, coaches and parents in our combined efforts to maintain our highest levels of excellence and functionality throughout this year.

There have been numerous challenges to overcome but the Prep positive synergy has been instrumental in providing a daily programme for all partners to enjoy and benefit from.  Attendance at school has been outstanding in all grades with both staff and boys present to steer the daily activities – thank you parents for bringing your boys to school as per normal routine.  There have been changes to National calendar dates, school holidays, Covid level adjustments, restrictions on extra mural activities etc. whilst we live under this new lifestyle.  In true Prep spirit, no partner under our ‘DPHS family” banner has weakened but actually united as a stronger force to lead the way ensuring a most successful and rewarding daily experience.  May I also acknowledge our parents for their commitment to paying of school fees and other financial requests/needs throughout these challenging times.  Prep has definitely lived up to our respected standards by “Making it Happen.”   Thank you DPHS.


Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Brett Mitchell         –        Grade 2 Everitt

SP      –        Matthew Southwood –       Grade 6 Hammond


Kind regards



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