From the Desk of the Headmaster – 01 October 2021

The countdown is over as we as DPHS have successfully reached the last academic day of the term.  We as partners of Prep ie – staff, boys and parents can again be extremely proud of our combined efforts in maintaining and building on the high levels of excellence that we all believe in.  I remind all of us that we will return for that final quarter of 2021, a term that will consist of 47 school days.

Personally it will be a term full of emotions for me as I embrace each day realizing that this is the final chapter in my 36 years of serving in education – for me there is no better place to celebrate the end of my journey than here at Prep with our entire community.  Please join me in ensuring that next term is the happiest term for all partners to enjoy – let us make it happen Prep!


It is with great pleasure and cheer that we welcome Mrs Casey Kirkwood (Bartlett) back to the Blue Group classroom as we again forward our DPHS congratulations to both Mr and Mrs Kirkwood on their wedding held last weekend.  Thank you to Mrs Heather Maxwell for taking the class in the Reception Unit during this time.

  • Mrs Schamotta will be taking leave from this end of term as her and the family prepare for the birth of their second child.  Thank you Mrs Schamotta for your commitment to Prep and your Grade 4 class.  It is now time to really prepare for the exciting time ahead as a family – relax now and enjoy.  Thank you to Mrs Ronwyn Lambert, well known to our school as a replacement teacher, for being there to pick up the reins in this class until Mrs Schamotta’s return.
  • I also place the spotlight on our entire staff team for once again going beyond the call of duty in all offices, departments and in providing service for the functionality of our school.  Please support my acknowledgement for every person in their individual and group efforts to place the interests of our boys, school and DPHS community as their paramount importance on a daily basis.  There have still been challenging times under these Covid restrictions yet our staff have been creative, rising above such challenges to ensure that our boys have enjoyed a DPHS experience in all teaching and learning areas as well as in enjoying a full programme in the extra mural activities.  May I also express our utmost appreciation to the Chairman of the School Governing Body Mr Stefan Terblanche and the entire SGB members for their commitment and support given to our school, especially in support behind the scenes.  This has been greatly valued and appreciated.


As already stated this fourth term is in many ways the most important term of the year which I highlight here.

  • This is the final opportunity for every boy from Grade R to our senior grades to improve their academic results.   Please ensure that your son responds to the importance of this academic term.
  • Boys in the final preparation to move from different grades up the DPHS ladder to mention a few eg. – Grade R into Grade 1, Grade 3 into Grade 4 as Senior Primary and Grade 7 our seniors finishing their career at DPHS before moving into their respective High Schools.
  • Prep has tried to offer as close to a normal programme that is possible under the Covid levels and healthy and safety responsibilities.  Thank you again to all partners for your honest and immediate inter-action between staff and families when dealing with any Covid matters.  We can close the term recording statistics for this week of 2 positive cases for Prep boys and 2 boys in isolation due to a family member having tested positive.  Please keep safe during the holiday period and remember that no boy must return to school on the first day back if he has come into ‘close contact’ with a Covid case during these holidays.  No chances can be taken so please keep staff informed of any Covid matters even during the holidays and especially closer to returning to school.
  • An extensive extra mural programme awaits the boys in this last quarter so each boy is encouraged to enjoy through participation in as many activities available.
  • 4th Term is a no blazer term but boys are permitted to wear their blazer if wishing to do so.  Please remember that blazers will be required for certain events so please keep blazers neat and close at hand.
  • Appearance will be very closely monitored from day one of term 4 ie. Monday 11 October.  All boys from Grade R to Grade 7 must return respecting our non-negotiable dress standards which I again emphasize is: polished shoes, garters in socks, clean uniform, DPHS cap worn daily and NB: returning on the Monday (and no later than this day) with the DPHS standard haircut.  I firmly emphasize that a haircut is essential for the start of this term no matter what grade the boy is in.
  • Best wishes are sent to our 1st Team Water Polo Coach Mr May, Manager Mr Dick, Captain Oliver Ludwig and team, as well as parents in support as they prepare for their tour to SACS in Cape Town in the first week back.  We will be there to participate in a tournament with schools from around the country and to again excel as in past achievements at this festival – Go Prep!
  • Please remember to voluntarily support our DPHS Golf Raffle by selling your raffle sheet this holiday.  Thank you to those families who have already done so.  Remember that all such sheets must be returned on the first day back ie. – Monday 11 October.

CONGRATULATIONS MR PREP (achievers for this last week)

Congratulations to the following boys:

JP      –        Yusuf Hassim –        Gr 1 Muller

SP      –        Max Oliva      –        Gr 7 Davis

 Who is going to be Mr Prep for the first week back?


I proudly make this ‘Happy Holidays’ call to all our Proudly Prep partners.  May you be blessed with special family times, days of relaxation, rest and a holiday filled with exciting adventures.

Remember that the words “I am bored’ does not exist in the DPHS dictionary.

Please travel safely to your holiday destinations.  Let us all return positively recharged to enjoy the final chapter of 2021.  Happy Holidays!


“May this holiday fill your home with joy,

your heart with love and your life with laughter”

Kind regards
B Wilson

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