DPHS Rugby at the Midlands Festival

This past weekend saw 16 DPHS Rugby Teams heading to the Midlands for the annual Midlands Rugby Festival.

The 1st and 2nd Teams played at Merchiston Preparatory School, Pietermaritzburg on Friday evening and after the round-robin stage they were unbeaten in their pools, resulting in them qualifying for their respective finals.
The 2nd XV beat Clarendon Primary School 1st Team in the B section final, and the 1st XV beat Merchiston Preparatory School in the A section final.

On Saturday morning, the 3rd, 4th and 5th teams played at St Charles College, Pietermaritzburg. The games was 14 minutes each way and the teams played hard. The 3rd played against Cordwalles Preparatory, St Charles College, and Merchiston Preparatory School. The 4th team played against Clifton Preparatory School -Nottingham Road, Howick Preparatory School, and Merchiston Preparatory School. The 5th team played against St Charles College and Cordwalles Preparatory School. Well done DPHS Boys.

The U11 Teams travelled to Howick Preparatory School where each team played 3 matches. DPHS U11A, U11B and U11C challenged St Charles College, Pelham Senior Primary School, Cordwalles Preparatory School and Merchiston Preparatory School. The boys demonstrated great skill and commitment. Well done U11s.

The U10A and U10B teams traveled to Cordwalles Preparatory School and played against Pelham Senior Primary School, Cordwalles Preparatory School, Merchiston Preparatory School, St Charles College, Cowan House Preparatory School and Howick Preparatory School. Their skill and determination shone throughout the festival. Proudly Prep.

The U9A, B, C, D and E teams were hosted by Cowan House Preparatory School for their first U9 Midlands Rugby Festival and the excitement was tangible. The boys were disciplined and structured and played four 12 minute games during the morning again other visiting school, Howick Preparatory School, Laddsworth Primary School, Merchiston Preparatory School, St Charles Collge, Cordwalles Preparatory School, The Ridge, Clifton Preparatory School -Nottingham Road and Athlone Primary School. Well done DPHS.

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