DPHS hosts a Special Assembly for the Dung Beetle Project

The excitement was felt as the DPHS boys and staff lined up for an outdoor assembly. They could see a strange looking creature had made its appearance on the field prior to them. The boys sat in silence waiting to hear the story unfold.
Special thanks to Ms Parry, for arranging the visitors to introduce The Dung Beetle Project to DPHS.

The Dung Beetle Project is an international outreach programme working to create a sustainable new economy powered by plastic. The Dung Beetle Project has attracted a global team of collaborators including NGOs, universities, municipalities, entrepreneurs and scientists all working towards a common goal of addressing one of our planet’s most pressing environmental issues – plastic waste.

The Dung Beetle Project is working with communities around the world to divert waste plastic from landfills and the ocean and turn it nto valuable energy people can use today.  
The Dung Beetle is an art sculpture and a symbol of change. Our art is a Dung Beetle pushing the Earth, made from recycled steel. The sculpture houses a hi-tech gasification system that transforms plastic trash into electrical power and liquid fuels.

The boys was fascinated by the process and some of them had a chance to get involved and ask questions about the project.
DPHS will be supporting this great initiative by continuing to bring in our Eco bricks and plastic waste.

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