DPHS Hosted a Music Progress Concert

The courtyard outside the Maurice Wilkinson Hall provided a new and appropriate venue for the first Music Progress Concert since 2019.Twenty musicians , including keyboard players, violinists and a drummer shared their joy of music making with a single family member for support. Congratulations to our musicians who made their debut and to those who have continued to develop their musical talent.
Concert Programme One:
Vaughn Radley – piano and violin
Camden Briscoe – violin debut
Vahin Padayachee – violin debut
Myhir  Bedhram-  violin
Reed Kent – piano
Siddhartha  Ori – violin debut
Sibongakonke Mnyandu -violin
Yadhaav Naidoo – violin
Jiakebian Wang – violin
Nate Nefdt – violin

Concert Programme Two:
Connor Drimmie – piano
Anjanan Ananthan – violin
Akhil Madaree  – piano
Veer Nunan – piano
Levi Poezyn – violin
Michael Spooner – piano 
Keegan Boucher – piano debut
Ayush SewPaul -violin
Joel Moodley – drum kit

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